Friday, December 14, 2012

Taking a break in remembrance and giving thanks

Like many, I am with a very heavy heart after the news of the tragedy that struck the little Connecticut town and the sweet children of and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Those children probably went to school this morning excited for the weekend, never suspecting that it would be anything but a normal school day. Parents never expected to send their kids off to witness what could arguable be the worst tragedy and hardest thing some of them will ever face. The parents of those other 20 children I'm sure never imagined this morning would be the last time they would hug their precious babies and get to hear them say, "I love you."

At this point, I have heard nothing about what could have possibly been a motive, I am guessing some sort of domestic distress since the shooter is said to have entered his mother's classroom, shot her and then 20 students, as well as a handful of other staff members. And, I have no idea what his background or mental state was, I'm sure that will all come out soon. But, regardless of what family problems or how mentally unstable someone may be, I can't imagine taking innocent lives, especially young children.

I say none of this in judgement, it is not my place to do that. I am a Christian and believe that only God has that right. I am heartsick for the families who have lost loved ones today, and my heart hurts for those little children who will carry the scars of this horrible day with them forever. A saying that I have heard is playing on auto-loop in my mind today, "Kiss your kids and call your Momma." That saying seems all too necessary today.

I thank the Lord that my family is so close at hand. My Daddy and my Momma, those are one and the same. I was raised by the best father on Earth and he has always been an amazing mother as well. It feels like an even bigger blessing than usual that he and my kids are under the same roof with me.

If reading this has saddened you further my sincerest apologies. My heart is simply to heavy today to continue with the 12 Days series. I felt that I just needed to take a moment to reflect, show respect for those suffering today, and give thanks for the many blessing in my life. My Daddy and my babies top the list of blessings, followed by the rest of my little family, my amazing friends, my health, the health of my loved ones and my overall wellbeing. So, go kiss your kids and call your Momma.

And because I have chosen to dedicate today to remembrance and my thankfulness and love for my family the photo above is of my beautiful girl Millie. She may be 4-legged and covered in hair, but she's just as much my child as if she were of the 2-legged variety and I had given birth to her. I adore any time that my babies come to me and want to cuddle, but as I was laying down for a nap earlier and she and Duncan, one of my sweet boys piled onto the bed with me, I cherished that moment just a little more.


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